Welcome to Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare

Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare is an outpatient private practice offering a variety of clinical services with specialization in psychotherapy, neuropsychological assessment, psychopharmacological management, neurotherapy. life coaching and equestrian therapy.

Our mission is to provide quality care to individuals in a confidential, comfortable and safe environment. Licensed practitioners are available to treat individuals, couples and families for varying clinical disorders utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and others, promoting well being and self actualization. Sensitivity w keen awareness is always considered when working w those of cultural and gender diversity. Family mediation, divorce and business mediation are offered as subspecialties to conjoint individuals and groups providing practical solutions for unique circumstances.

Comprehensive Assessments range from Independent Psychological Evaluations that focus on differential diagnosis and personality characteristics to sports-related concussions, trauma associated with personal Injury or accidents, fitness to duty, strokes, organic brain disease, and dementias.  Baseline evaluations are recommended to track early detection of mental decline and progression of dementia's as well as compare post-trauma and concussions to premorbid functioning.